Summer Holidays: How to Flirt At The Beach?

How to Flirt, It’s love at the beach / And my eyes in your eyes / Kisses and shells / Between you and the blue water”. Do you remember that Niagara song that described an idyll on fine sand? Today, we explain how to flirt effectively on the beach!

For many of you, this summer, it will be heading to the beach: Le Touquet, Berck, Ile de Ré, Seignosse, Hossegor, Biarritz, Bidart, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Saint-Tropez or even Paris- Beach for the more adventurous! Unless it’s on a naturist beach that you take your summer quarters, little rascals! With the heat, the bodies are stripped bare and it is not the desire to go and say two or three words to his neighbor / his towel neighbor that is missing. Here are the best summer accessories to have (always) with you to accompany SharekAlomre you in your massive seduction operation. Come on, let’s invade the Bay of Pigs!

Summer Holidays How to Flirt At The Beach

Approach Techniques

Stagnating on your towel like a drifting jellyfish is useless. On the other hand, doing sports like push-ups, board, kitesurfing, boating (it’s very chic), or even swimming can only make you stand out. The sport is excellent for breaking the ice on the beach. If you’re not comfortable approaching someone on your own, why not hit the beach with a bunch of friends. Do not stay glued to them and get started when the opportunity arises to seduce a single person. He who tries nothing has nothing… However, there is no point in:
1) sticking to your target until exhaustion
2) offering to spread cream on his back (we are not in 1990) or
3 ) flirt openly without tact or restraint.
It’s about subtly seducing, not scaring!

Correct Outfit Required – How to Flirt

The French coast is full of surprises. If you are going to Le Touquet this summer, for example, know that the playground for seduction is already mapped out there with names that are, to say the least, eloquent: “the hare paradise”, “the Lolotte plain” or even “the Plaine aux Pipes”… Between two swims, you can try the originality card to get noticed. Going to the beach doesn’t mean losing any form of self-esteem. Sir, you can bet on plain or patterned swim shorts (for the record, ice cream cones are in ), or SharekAlomre.Com boxers that aren’t too tight. Exit the swimming trunks which we will keep the use exclusively for the municipal swimming pool. Ladies, as nothing dresses you, and everything suits you, we trust you.

Accessories: What Is In And Out How to Flirt

Unless you’re hosting a group picnic (and again), you don’t need a cooler, right? On the other hand, to seduce on the beach you can opt for a beautiful parasol (not the Ricard parasol, to avoid the “bar pillar” label) as well as a sarong or a graphic towel with the most beautiful effect. You’re still young, you don’t need a grandpa’s/granny’s chair either… We forget! And then, instead of turning into a crayfish, why not do a little exercise to tone your abs and your glutes (in addition to your ten daily lengths)?

If you like beach games, we recommend a pair of rackets (to invite him to play). A jokari (you know this vintage game that can be played alone or in pairs). Or even balls bowls to break the ice and satisfy your obsession with boules … For the intellectual side. Don’t forget to bring the latest copy of your favorite newspaper/magazine: Le Monde , Libé , Society , Glamour. GQ or Vanity Fair , everything is good to take, especially if the cover catches. Tell yourself that this is the first thing people will see of you, if you hide behind…


The icing on the cake, you can also take your inflatable crocodile or unicorn mattress to the beach for a little regressive side and a return to childhood, to be used sparingly however… More than all the accessories in the world, on the beach, your real card to playing is authenticity, there is no point in tucking in your stomach at the slightest moment (you won’t last, you’ll see). With a little luck, it will be your little imperfections that will make you the star of the beach!

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