Natural Beauty and Grooming of Slavic Women

There are a number of Men In Slavic Women reasons why German men prefer Slavic women: Slavic women are anxiously watching their body, face, hair. After all, their beauty is also their weapon in the struggle for male attention. A woman, as an artist, creates her own unique image – carefully chooses her style in clothes, hair and makeup. Beautiful clothes, high heels, the whole image is aimed at winning the attention of the opposite sex. She has a desire LatinFeels.com to please, to attract the attention of a man. To be an object of male desire. This is smoothness of movement, this is eternal femininity, not aggressive feminism.

There are many beautiful women in Germany, but their thinking and self-perception are different. The German woman was brought up on the principle of gender equality. She is self-sufficient, self-confident and has a sense of her own dignity. German women also like to dress beautifully in expensive and high-quality things, but the majority of women prefer practical, comfortable and affordable clothes and the same shoes. On average, they wear these clothes and shoes for 2-3 seasons and buy new ones. Some women prefer unisex clothing and short haircuts, as long hair takes time to maintain.


The amazing ability of Slavic women to fall in love at first sight, to love devotedly, with all their hearts, sometimes sacrificing their own interests – Men In Slavic Women

In the understanding of a Slavic woman, love is the most important feeling, love is energy itself. Russians have a saying: “with your beloved Lovinga and paradise in a hut . ” Love for a Russian woman is not only the joy of physical intimacy, but also emotional and spiritual intimacy.

A German woman in a relationship will not sacrifice herself, dissolve into the life of a man, her main interest is herself, and she understands that she herself is responsible for her life, for choosing a profession, a partner, for any life interactions. Hence the reluctance of German women to depend on a partner. It is not a man who makes her a “diamond”, she is a diamond herself. A German woman pays a lot of attention to her career, self-improvement, and then to a man.

The conscious priority of Slavic women is love, family, children, the warmth of a family hearth

Act as its guardian. Be loved. Russian people have an opinion that the main career of a woman is in her family. A lonely woman cannot be happy, nature itself expects from her the joy of serving , childbearing. The Slavic woman is aimed at marriage and is ready for it. The average age of marriage is 18 to 25 years. If the marriage failed, the spouses Tubit.com review broke up or the husband left the family, this means tragedy and life drama.

For German women, marriage and having children is not the meaning of life. They dedicate their time to education, careers and the average marriage age is over 30. Marriage for German women is a symbiosis of two mature people united by one goal. If a relationship fails, this is not dramatic, these are the realities of life and a woman goes on her own independent path, without looking back.


Kindness and kindness of Slavic women – Men In Slavic Women

Willingness and willingness to forgive. However, in relationships they are very emotional and dependent, they like to make scenes from scratch, shout insults in the heat of the moment, break dishes, give slaps in the face … They communicate with the help of hints, reticences, secret insults and silence. It is expected that a man himself will come to understand their mood, thereby complicating his life. See

German women in communication with a partner say directly in person what they like or dislike. They do not have an understanding of “endure, fall in love.” If something happens in a marriage according to an incomprehensible scenario, a question is immediately asked, aimed at correcting the scenario. If the marriage does not meet expectations, then all inconsistencies are voiced and further decisions are made. Nobody will tolerate anyone. If the marriage has failed, you need to leave and everyone goes on their own way. If controversial issues arise, then the partners are set for a calm and reasoned dialogue, the meaning of which is to hear each other and find a joint solution to the controversial issue. Without hysterics and excessive drama. And this is the German pragmatism. Feelings can only interfere with the “debriefing”. It is important to find ways to jointly resolve the situation.

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A Slavic woman chooses a man with her heart and is ready to walk with him through life, giving him her love, sometimes without demanding anything in return.

Only confirmation of love in the form of flowers and gifts. Slavic women love gifts – perfumes, jewelry, etc. They love romance and expect extraordinary deeds from their men, which put them on the pedestal of the “queen”.

German women see marriage as a kind of investment in their future life, and here too a pragmatic approach prevails.  is a very ephemeral feeling, it happens that it dries up, but relationships built on trust, mutual sympathy, which are based on a common goal and a common desire to achieve it, common interests, such relationships are worth investing.

We have tried very briefly to draw parallels between the “two worlds”. Both the image of Slavic and German women is somewhat generalize. This is always the case when averages are compare. As for the individual, it is individual and does not tolerate generalization.

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