The Formula for True Love and Relationships

True Love and Relationships. What secret to love and relationships could possibly be found in an equation? It is one that once discovered will change everything about our quest to find love in our lives and maintain meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

The Bible speaks of the mystery of marriage as two people becoming one flesh.

Some say that each individual from represents one half of the equation, thus one half plus one half equals one. I have heard that all of my life. I have searched high and low for that person who would complete me. The one who will supply the missing elements in me, and me in them. Together with creating one flesh.

The flaw in this thinking is manifested in our courts where, according to the Enrichment Journal 41% of all first-time marriages in this country end in divorce, 60% of second marriages, and 73% of third.

What is the problem here? Some say it is a lack of commitment. When things get tough we get gone! There seem to be no shortages of reasons or excuses, for the poor choices we have made in this selection process.

I propose this is just a symptom of a problem that has its root in the formula of relationships. The equation is wrong, and because of that, the result can only perpetuate the failure.

The Formula of Love and Relationships – True Love and Relationships

The equation is multiplication, not addition. One time one equals one. I am not looking for someone to complete me, I am responsible for my own life, and I can no longer put the responsibility for my happiness on another person, nor can I be expected to be held responsible for theirs.

Let’s do the math and see what I mean. If I bring my half to the equation, and my partner brings the other, here is the result. One-half times one-half equals one quarter. The relationship is not only unfulfilling, it creates a relationship that is draining the resources of the individuals.

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This simple change in thought will produce amazing results within your life. I sat one day asking myself this question: Why can’t I find someone to share my life with? The answer I got was unexpected. I had things, money, a good job, a cool house, but I realized I didn’t have a life. I had been looking for someone to bring my missing elements into the relationship. My other half. The result was never enough. My need was so great that not only was I not satisfied, but I was diminished along with the other person.

We cannot share what we do not have! The process is not easy, however as we look inside ourselves, we discover those things that we lack and set out to create them within our lives. No longer dependent, nor a victim of our choices, we become responsible for our own happiness, and love.

We will never find love and a lasting relationship until we truly love for ourselves. Until we become whole.

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