AnastasiaDate scam for money probably by there affiliate

I had a mail from the woman with a Translated by Agency ID: 1042605, on the 28th December but then my woman works utilizing English language at her day by day work, I paid the 10 credits =8$ to open it and read it and it had neither rhyme nor reason it its substance it resembled a more unusual sending it, why in light of the fact that My woman was on Viber to me and when I asked her she said not been on the web today as she was grinding away and I said you indicated online for 3 hours, so it was not her that sent the message. Today needed to telephone Anastasiadate as got another mail simultaneously as yesterdays, the woman appeared online from 14.30pm to simply before 18.26pm Ukraine time , yet again the woman was in work today so it is somebody utilizing the information which must be anastasiadate subsidiaries to send message so we as customers wind up paying Anastasia to open the letters at 8$ to peruse and 8$ to answer so 16$ altogether for it equalling 1 message a day on the off chance that I read your mail and sent you a mail every day for a month it rises to on the present swapping scale 526.35$ so almost twofold my women month to month compensation for working 6 days per week I presume. its how the offshoots are profiting

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