Is The Best Way To Attract A Quality Guy

AOkay, so you’re probably spending Attract A Quality Guy lot of time alone at home right now, keeping 6 feet away from everybody when you do have to go out.

But the truth is…

It’s never been easier to find a quality, commitment ready guy.

Sounds counter-intuitive, I know. But thanks to social distancing, it’s true.

“I spoke with one of the men I met online, Rob, on the phone yesterday. Within the first 30 seconds of the call, he wanted to Facetime, which I agreed to. He told me he wished we were in person because he would like to reach over and hold my hand. I felt really comfortable and safe and I am looking forward to talking again! If not, I am certainly going to drop an “electronic hanky” because I am interested in getting to know him better.”

Why Social Distancing is the Best Time to Attract a High Quality Guy?

As we settle in and get used to this ‘new’ normal, the truth is… social distancing is actually a great way to create an emotional connection with an available, high-quality man. And the really good news is, it’s working. And it’s never been a better time to continue moving toward your dating and relationship goals! Here’s why:

Is The Best Way To Attract A Quality Guy

1. Casual Guys Out, “Real Deal” Guys In

The men and women dating online right now are mostly looking for the ‘real’ deal, meaning that those who were in it for hookups or something casual have mostly opted out. Virtual dating in itself requires a commitment so you will be able to more easily see who is in it to go the distance. And, if you are looking for a committed relationship, the process of virtual dating is an excellent way to see if his words and actions match and that he is looking for the same thing. He will have to make a commitment to getting on the phone, talking on Facetime, and then, in order to truly build a relationship, commit to getting creative and investing time in virtual dates.

2. Physical Chemistry No Longer a Distraction – Attract A Quality Guy

Physical chemistry can’t get in the way of becoming a distraction that can lead you down a familiar pattern of ‘going too fast,” as well as eliminating the ‘is he being nice to me because he just wants to get in my pants?’ type of thinking t many women have when things seem too good to be true.

 Because of the natural physical distance, you get to double DateMyAge down on the things that really create a true emotional connection – talking to each other without distraction, being open and vulnerable, and relying on authenticity, not sexual chemistry. In addition, virtual date ideas rely on interacting in ways that are mostly verbal and require creativity. There is no better way to truly get to know who a person is when you have the opportunity to have conversations that explore if you and your date share similar values before chemistry can get in the way.

3. More Free Time – Attract A Quality Guy

Most people have an excess of time which means the “I’m busy, buried, swamped” excuse has gone out the window. The endless loop of back and forth low investment texting can be mostly eliminated. There has never been a better time to skip the ‘hemming and hawing’ and find a time to actually meet virtually. And, since driving to and from a date has been eliminated completely, dating has become more efficient than ever.

Is The Best Way To Attract A Quality Guy

4. More Creativity in Your Dates!

The best way to create an emotional connection is to do something with your date that both of you have never done before. (Think about all those dates on the “Bachelor” reality TV show. They all involve adventure activities the contestants have never experienced prior!) The experience we are having globally right now is brand new for all of us, thus making virtual dating something that you and your date can experience together for the first time. Each date will be an adventure and something new which can help increase your connection and create chemistry.

5. More Authenticity – Attract A Quality Guy

We have great examples in pop culture right now that has set a precedent for the possibility of dating virtually. Whether it was dating in ‘pods’ we saw in Netflix’ “Love is Blind” or the fact that authenticity wins when it comes to creating connection virtually a la “The Circle,” these are examples of what is possible from the stories that were told in these shows.


6. Get A Clear Picture of One Another

The internet has never made it easier to be creative. Whether you take advantage of Netflix’ Party feature and watch. A movie or TV show with your date, take an exercise class together online. Order up a paint kit and create your own ‘wine and paint’ date, or play a game, you will most likely get to really know your date more quickly. Than you might from a series of awkward dinners or going to a movie or to listen to music. Where talking can be challenging.

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