How to Seduce A Guy – Practical Advice From Experts!

How to Seduce A Guy? We live in a time where equality in many spheres of life is the order of the day. It is something that we fight, demand and want. So no one is surprised that nowadays it is often women who take the initiative in male-female relationships. Why can’t the fair sex make the first move? Does it always have to be a man? Women can seduce just as effectively on TripTogether and maybe even better than men. They have many aces up their sleeve. Do you want to know how to seduce a guy? How to get a boyfriend? Be sure to read some of our tips!

Psychological Tricks

Each of us has our proven tricks on how to get a guy. Psychologists prove, however, that these things affect men the most. Do you want to know the secret of how to successfully seduce a guy?

Some women find it easier to seduce, while others cope with it much worse. Certain psychological tricks come to the rescue, thanks to which we are able to easily captivate a guy. So if you are wondering how to win the heart of the object of your sighs, be sure to check out at least one of these things. How to Seduce a Guy? It’s Child’s Play with These Psychological Tricks

Imitate His Gestures – How to Seduce A Guy

Playing his gestures may become a sign that we are interested in him. That is why it is worth returning his gaze or smile. In this way, real chemistry will develop between you. This is one of the most effective ways to seduce a guy.

Say His Name

Simple isn’t it? A very effective. Psychologists believe that when someone says our name, it builds up our ego. We feel appreciated that way, and the person who made it automatically becomes more attractive in our eyes. Any woman can seduce a guy in this way.

Ask Him for Help – How to Seduce A Guy

This can be help in repairing the fault, but also a request for a favor. Men like to feel needed and look for a woman they can help. Even strong women sometimes need male help. The guy doesn’t need to know it’s a way to seduce him.

Show That You Have a Lot in Common

It is also worth focusing on something more than gestures and physical appearance. For men, the intelligence and interests of a woman are equally important. Your common hobbies will surely bring you closer together. Offer to go with him to a game of his favorite team, or make snacks while he is on TV so you can watch him together. He will explain what burned is – it’s a great way to seduce a guy.

Praise Him From Time to Time – How to Seduce A Guy

Since there is equality in the male-female world, why not compliment the men? Gentlemen feel appreciated and are pleased when someone notices their new shirt or when they do something in TripTogether.Com selflessly. Feed the man with beautiful words to successfully seduce him.

How to Seduce A Guy - Practical Advice From Experts!

How a Smile Works on Men

What Do Men First Look for in Women?

This age-old question is asked, especially by women. It is said that men are visual learners and the first thing they notice is physical attractiveness. But contrary to appearances, it is not only a nice breast or buttocks that attract male eyes. It turns out that men love to see women smiling. Then they seem much more attractive to them. So if you’re wondering how to seduce a guy, charm him with your smile!

Does a Beautiful Smile Help Seduce Men?

After all – as they say – a smile is half a kiss. There is nothing more beautiful in you than a smile. Honest, gentle or wide, brightening gaze – it is he who acts as a magnet for men, and also attracts people to you. We approach those who smile more willingly by asking for directions, an hour. Sometimes we talk to them on the bus. It is worth smiling, it increases our chances of getting to know someone interesting.

What Kind of Smile Works on Guys? – How to Seduce A Guy


This kind of smile shows up on your face when something amuses you. Then you show beautiful teeth in a wide smile in a natural way.


It is used out of courtesy when greeting. When you are around new people, you probably also use it. Maybe it is worth giving such a smile to a man at the first meeting?


A raised eyebrow or a slightly bitten lip combined with a mischievous smile will seduce every man. Sometimes you can even confuse them with your confidence. The eyes play a big role in it. You can see sparks or hot flames in them.


Usually this is how you smile to yourself when you have fond memories. You can do this unconsciously. If your potential partner saw this type of smile in you, they must have wondered what you are thinking about. You became intriguing and mysterious to him. And men love to discover a secret.

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How Eyesight Affects Men – How to Seduce A Guy

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. First contact is made by looking. If a man interests you, try to make eye contact with him. Of course, don’t do it in a pushy way. A brief glance at your eyes is enough and you don’t have to wonder how to seduce a guy anymore!

Beautiful Eyes Work for Men

Be sure to attach a smile to your gaze. You know that when your lips laugh, your eyes also laugh. Men love to look at the spark in a woman’s eye. You can also use a reliable trick for a pick-up. The point is to look at the chosen one for a few moments, then lower your eyes to look again, this time longer. When it comes to the conversation between you, stare deeply into the man’s eyes all the time and you will surely seduce him. This way you will show that you are also interested in what he has to say.

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