First Date: These Gestures That Betray His Thoughts

First Date: These Gestures, No matter how hard we try to hide our emotions and conceal our intentions, when it comes to seductions, certain gestures betray us, thus revealing our desires, our doubts, our fears… So many very precious clues for those who know how to decode them… Here are 5 gestures that say a lot on a first date.

He is looking… to the right!

Just because your suitor doesn’t look into yours doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. He’s looking left, he’s probably uncomfortable. If his gaze remains motionless, worry: Mr. may not be interested, or perhaps he is already taken? Lowers his eyes as soon as his eyes meet yours, it’s DilMil probably because you’re intimidating him, even impressing him, and he’s already hooked. Fixes a part of your body (chest, hands…), it shows that he is only interested in your physique. If, on the other hand, he looks to the right, it’s a very good sign: it would mean that he hopes for a follow-up to your story…

First Date These Gestures That Betray His Thoughts

She fiddles with an object or twirls her hair

A woman who tirelessly twists her hair or fiddles with an object during a tryst is a nervous woman… and seduced! Because if discomfort can, in men, reflect a lack of interest, in women, it generally proves the opposite. She wants to make a good impression and please you so much that she loses her means. To give herself a countenance, she begins, without thinking, to fiddle with a jewel, the napkin… or her pretty hair!

He bites his lip First Date: These Gestures

Women often bite their lip out of shyness or real intention to seduce, but in men, this gesture would have a completely different meaning, especially during a romantic date. If he bites his upper lip, it would mean that he is thinking of DilMil.Co something else, that he is distracted, even overworked. If he bites his lower lip, it would be a sign that he feels dispossessed, that he is not comfortable. Either way, it’s not a very good sign…

She imitates your First Date: These Gestures

Without realizing it, she makes exactly the same gestures as you? She drinks at the same time, smiles at the same time, sets her cutlery at the same time? Above all, don’t take it the wrong way, she’s not making fun of you, quite the contrary! Unconsciously, she expresses her desire to be in tune with you, her desire for perfect harmony, for cloudless understanding. She likes what you are and already sees herself following you in life…

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He caresses himself First Date: These Gestures

If he caresses his arm, for example, especially while listening to you talk, it is quite simply that he likes you and that he is transferring his irresistible desire to touch you, to caress you. You are only on your very first date and gentleman as he is, Monsieur knows very well that it would be inappropriate to dare to touch you (even your arm). Suddenly, unconsciously, he begins to caress himself, on the one hand to curb his ardor, and on the other hand, even if he does not realize it, to send you a signal indicating that yes , he likes you.

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