4 Happiness Traps and How to Deal with Them

In the Western world, Happiness Traps we now have a higher standard of living than humans have ever been before. Access to better medical care. Living and sanitary conditions at a higher level. More money, services and wider access to education. Easier travel. More interesting entertainment and career opportunities. Yet many people lack happiness and fulfillment in their lives.
The World Health Organization estimates depression to be one of the most debilitating diseases in the world today. Each week, one tenth of the adult population suffers from clinical depression, and one in five people will suffer from it at some point in their life. One in four adults suffer from YourLatinMates Happiness Traps drug or alcohol addiction at some point in their lives (according to Dr. Russ Harris).
The word “happiness”it can have many meanings. We commonly understand them as “well-being”, feeling pleasure, joy, etc. Another, less common, is “living with meaning and fulfillment.”

The definition of happiness – what is yours ? Take a moment to think about it.

Often our definition is unaware. The basis for it are fairy tales and Hollywood productions, where always, after many difficulties, challenges and failures, everyone lives the so-called happily ever after. Thus, we often fall into the traps of thinking when it comes to happiness.

The Pitfalls and Myths of Luck

Myth 1: Happiness is a natural state, people are naturally happy.

At some stage, each of us experiences, has experienced or may experience: loneliness, divorce, breakup, stress at work, midlife crisis, relationship problem, isolation, Happiness Traps health problems, sense of pointlessness or purpose.
Unfortunately, many of us, assuming that you are either completely happy or not, may experience difficulties at the stage, feeling that everyone but me is happy and… Yes, YourLatinMates that’s right, it makes you feel even more unfulfilled.

4 Happiness Traps and How to Deal with Them 2022

Myth 2 : Following the logic of myth 1 – Happiness Traps

we often assume that suffering, sadness is perceived as weakness or illness, a condition we want to get away from as soon as possible, etc.
Of course, there are situations that require medical treatment. However, sometimes we run away from mourning or the lack of a sense of purpose in life, also into Happiness Traps pharmacology, which is not always the right solution!
Such a decision should always be made by an experienced psychiatrist, even with regard to long-term over-the-counter medications!

Myth 3: Being happy is about not having negative feelings and thoughts

This belief has a small catch: the things we generally value most in life carry a whole range of feelings, both pleasant and negative. For example, in a long-term relationship, you will experience many wonderful feelings, but also disappointment and frustration. The same goes for almost any meaningful personal and professional project. While they often bring a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, they also bring stress, fear and anxiety.
It is impossible to create a better life if we are not prepared for some unpleasant feelings. Working in this area is not about getting rid of negative feelings completely, but about learning to deal with them skillfully.

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Myth 4: Happiness will come at a certain time – Happiness Traps

when I… lose weight, get promoted, have a partner, find a new job, have more money, etc.
There is no specific time when we will be happy, this is another illusion and the most common defense mechanism! Are you at the moment when you want to find a deeper meaning and understand what is really important to you?

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